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Coherence 2013


The Workshop’s Goals

The concept of coherence has played a great role in contemporary epistemology as a key issue related to justification of beliefs. Also in the field of jurisprudence prominent scholars devoted much attention to theoretical elaboration of the role of this concept in legal reasoning, to mention Ronald Dworkin, Alexander Peczenik and Neil MacCormick. Nowadays, legal-theoretical investigations concerning the concept in question can be and often are supported by rigorous formal tools developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Law. In particular, the conceptions inspired by constraint satisfaction account of coherence, receive considerable attention in recent years. Constraint satisfaction theory is, of course, only one among many possible approaches to the problem. The main aim of the workshop is to summarize the present state of these investigations, to indicate the weak points within the existing proposals and to formulate new perspectives for investigations in the relevant field.

Workshop Format

Full day workshop consisting of research presentations. Plenary discussion. Main focus on the role of the methodological role of the concept of coherence in relevant research and the issues of computational aspects of the discussed models.

The Intended Audience

Members of AI & Law community interested in theories of legal coherence, judicial reasoning, connectionist models of reasoning, formal logic.


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